Polleys Square Condominiums SOLD OUT

Welcome Home to a New Way of Life 

Polleys Square™ brings urban living to the heart of Missoula at Old Sawmill District™ with high-end condos. The Polleys Square™complex is centered around a private courtyard with a large gas fire-pit and lawn tables for the enjoyment of residents and guests. Residents can step right outside their door and enjoy the morning or evening sun from their patio. From everywhere in the neighborhood there are incredible views of Missoula and the surrounding mountains.

Behind the Name

Polleys Square™ is named after the founder of the original lumber mill on the Old Sawmill District™ site, Edgar Hovey Polleys, and his son, Edgar Garwood Polleys. Polleys Square™ takes pride in being part of the new Missoula neighborhood while preserving its historic roots. The history of Polleys begins with E.H. Polleys, when he brought his family to Missoula in the late 1890’s or early 1900s and opened Polleys Lumber Company in 1910. His son left to attend high school and college in Nebraska where he earned a degree in forestry. After working for the Forest Service for a year, E.G. returned to Missoula in 1911 and joined his father in the family business. E.H. Polleys lost his right thumb in a saw accident.

A popular family story is that in the mid- to late 1920’s, E.H. had a lot of cash in the bank and elsewhere. When the depression hit, there was no demand for lumber and it was suggested to him that he either close or greatly cut back at the mill. His response to that was that the workers at the mill made him the money and he would keep it open and continue to pay them. He did, and at the end of the Depression they had a lot of lumber and little or no cash, but he had managed to keep everyone working.

The history behind the name of Polleys Square is the foundation of the culture of the Missoula neighborhood at Old Sawmill District. Residents relocate to Polleys Square to live, work and play all in one neighborhood. Residents are well taken care of by the staff at Old Sawmill District and enjoy high-end amenities that are in place to make life at Polleys more comfortable. Polleys Square infuses urban living with Montana’s
wide-open sensibility and incredible mountain views.