A lively urban neighborhood under the big sky.

Resize. Relax. Relocate.


A vibrant community driven work environment.

Recruit. Collaborate. Inspire.


A neighborhood hub for recreation, entertainment, and dining.

Dine. Shop. Mingle.

New Neighborhood. Historic Heart. A lively neighborhood under the big sky in Missoula, Montana.

Welcome to Old Sawmill District, a lively neighborhood under the big sky. Old Sawmill District is nothing short of a rebirth for 46 acres along the Clark Fork River, in the heart of Missoula, Montana. Once a booming sawmill complex, this property long known as the “mill site” sat vacant from the early 1990s until 2015 —unused and unsightly, but rich with history and potential. As Old Sawmill District, the area is becoming a lively urban neighborhood where people live, work, shop, and play. It is now home to a dynamic combination of multi-family residences and mixed-use commercial office space. Two commercial office spaces and retail buildings are currently under construction with more to come. Plans are in the works to add residential townhomes and more. Along the river, Missoula now has a 14-acre city park that extends the beautiful Clark Fork trail system.

The Garden City

Nestled in the mountains of Western Montana is a small city of big opportunity. It is a place where tip-the-hat Western culture merges with vibrant cosmopolitan flair, a city at the threshold of wilderness, an intellectual and commercial hub where hard work and avid recreation serve as the balancing ethics of true prosperity.

Downtown Missoula Interactive Map

Missoula Parks & Trails Map

The Neighborhood

This is urban living infused with Montana’s wide-open sensibility. Old Sawmill District bridges Missoula’s historic past with its future through a vibrant mix of housing in all shapes and sizes, drawing together an equally vibrant mix of people from all lifestyles and stages. This is a place where you can LIVE. WORK. PLAY.

Western Montana

When you think of Montana, do you picture skyscraping ranges of snowcapped rock? A cowboy tipping his hat to greet you as he passes by on a boardwalk? Herds of elk under a sky so wide it seems to swallow you up? Then you’re picturing Northwest Montana. Hemmed by the snow-crowned peaks of Glacier National Park.