The Old Sawmill District Neighborhood


This is urban living infused with Montana’s wide-open sensibility. Old Sawmill District bridges Missoula’s historic past with its future through a vibrant mix of housing in all shapes and sizes, drawing together an equally vibrant mix of people from all lifestyles and stages. Young couples and families, professionals, empty-nesters, active seniors, and university students can all call Old Sawmill District home.

Old Sawmill District planners envision 650 to 700 new residential units, ranging from warehouse flats, brownstones, cottages, patio homes and condos, with architectural design harkening back to an era when homes and neighborhood businesses sat side by side. There will be high-end apartments for people seeking a strong sense of community with the flexibility of a rental. Here, sidewalks aren’t just a way of getting from one place to the next, but truly a way of getting to know your neighbors.

Let’s hear it for the town Old Sawmill District calls home:


Want a better workplace? How about putting it at the hub of city parks and walking/biking trails? Why not provide a riverside timber pavilion for company lunches and work breaks? Mix in ground-floor retail shops and sidewalk dining to spur lively conversations and residential housing to guarantee shorter commutes. While you’re at it, throw in a new 1GB network to make the big data crunchers happy. And it wouldn’t hurt to have the creative minds and resources of a major university within walking distance.

Old Sawmill District has all the fixings of a better workplace. Located in Missoula’s central corridor, Old Sawmill District is poised to contribute to the city’s strong, eclectic economy in a meaningful way. New commercial office and retail space provide an unprecedented opportunity for businesses seeking new construction in a true urban park environment. Within walking or biking distance of the city’s two largest employers—St. Patrick Hospital and the University of Montana—Old Sawmill District is already handily integrated into the fabric of Missoula’s workday. There’s nothing else quite like it.

5 Ways to Improve Your Workday in Old Sawmill District

Walk the walk. Who needs a desk treadmill? With countless miles of trail right at your door, there’s nothing stopping you from thinking on your feet.

The old ballgame. Don’t work late. Instead, treat your coworkers to a night of Osprey baseball. Leave work by 5 p.m. and still have plenty of time for a bite to eat before the 7:05 “Star Spangled Banner”.

Work faster. Sometimes faster is better. Take advantage of Old Sawmill District’s speedy 1 Gig Internet, unique to a select few communities in the U.S.

Wise up. Squeeze in a class at the University or the Lifelong Learning Center. You’ll find everything from beginning Mandarin to intermediate jitterbug to advanced econometrics.

Grab some z’s. If you’re lucky enough to both live and work in Old Sawmill District, why not head home for a noontime catnap?


This brings us to the third part of our live/work/play trifecta. The fun part. It’s time to play.

With unrivaled recreational access and entertainment options right out the front door, the Old Sawmill District couldn’t possibly be in a better place. Whether your idea of play involves indoor or outdoor fun, Old Sawmill District puts you within tantalizing reach of it. Go ahead, plan your play

Places to Play in Missoula

A Carousel for Missoula. Built in 1995, by dedicated volunteers coming together to build a long-time dream, the carousel is adorned with 38 handcrafted horses, 2 chariots, and Lucky Red Ringer the famous ring machine dragon. A Carousel for Missoula provides old-fashioned fun for all ages right in downtown Missoula!

The Wilma. Combining the historic character of the original 1921 theater with the modern concert venue, The Wilma brings audiences of all ages together. With great artists like Grammy-award winning Americana, Bluegrass artist Sarah Jarosz and the annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, The Wilma provides entertainment to all.

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness. The main trailhead is a short 4-mile drive out of downtown Missoula. The area is popular for walkers, hikers, and mountain bikers. The many clear streams and mountain lakes offer prime Montana fishing.

Montana Snowbowl. The ski hill is located so close to Missoula that a mug of coffee is still hot when pulling into the base lodge! Snowbowl brings in skiers and snowboarders from all over with its challenging terrain, but offers various beginner runs for the newbies. In the summer, locals and visitors can be seen hunting for huckleberries and enjoying the exhilarating fun on the various zip lines.