Two Montana Cities Named For Best Places To Live In The Country

Each year different organizations or publications will come out with several “best” lists. Of course, they range in topics and subject matter  Maybe it’s a list of the best college towns, the best towns for cheeseburgers, or a list of the best places to live on a budget.

In the last few years, Montana has started to make its presence known on several of these lists and like it or not, that doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing anytime soon. The lure of the mountains, the love of the outdoors, and the accessibility to so much beauty make Montana very attractive to those looking to make a change.

I like to call it the Montana Migration and it seems like it’s in full force. So what does that mean?

Well, as Montana continues to grow in popularity and more people continue to move here, we are seeing an increase in recognization and notoriety. Which means more businesses, more opportunities, and more changes. For some, change is hard, for others, it can’t come soon enough.

While much of the state continues to see growth, two cities stand out above the rest.  In fact, both of those locations made the Livibility Top 100 List of Best Places To Live In The U.S.

So which two cities are among the best in the United States? Bozeman and Missoula.
It’s not a shocker that both towns made the list.  They both have a lot in common.  They are mountain towns with high-quality Universities.  They both have airports and bring in a large number of tourists. They both offer up a healthy social scene with fantastic restaurants and some terrific bars. Plus, they both offer many outdoor activities.

So which town scored higher?

Well, that honor goes to the city of Missoula. Several different factors went into determining the overall rank and in the end, Missoula came ranked 67th, while Bozeman was ranked 81st.

Jesse Ropelato

Jesse Ropelato
All and all it’s pretty impressive when you consider they looked at 2000 locations to come up with the 100 best and while a few Montanans might not be pleased with the results, for those of us living in either city, it’s nice to know that we’re in good company.

Written By: Derek Wolf
Published: April 7, 2023

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