Amid Many Closings, One Missoula Restaurant is Actually Expanding

What a breath of fresh air to post a story about a Missoula, Montana, about a restaurant that is flourishing to the point of a planned expansion.

With sights set on becoming recognizable on a much larger scale, the Old Sawmill District’s Boxcar Bistro has announced expansion plans to better serve its growing customer base and special events. Not only indoors, but also a greater outside seating capacity that Missoula diners love for as many months of the year as they possibly can.

Boxcar Bistro’s Director of Operations Mark Stanford says, “I am excited at the opportunity to spearhead this effort and bring years of industry expertise, longstanding industry relationships, and a fresh focus into our program here at Boxcar!”

And a sizeable expansion at that. After a successful two-year run, Boxcar Bistro’s expansion plans will result in about 50 percent more capacity between expanded inside and outside seating.

Boxcar Bistro’s mission is to “offer an elevated experience, nothing overly complicated or uncomfortably sophisticated as we’re still Missoula at heart. Consider it an honest attempt to transport our diners away from the bustle of everyday life into a curated element found nowhere else locally.”

Boxcar’s Mark Stanford reminds diners that they “are known for consistently featuring a number of traditional French staples on the menu while pushing the boundaries of what defines the diners’ expectations by drawing in unique game, seafood, and seasonal vegetables; all prepared to utilize traditional French technique.”

To be sure, not your ordinary Missoula restaurant, with a menu and ambiance that really help set them apart, along with striving to provide world-class service. This is a unique dining experience.

No official date was given as to the completion of the expansion, but whenever it is, we wish Boxcar Bistro continued success and congratulate them. Boxcar’s physical address is 875 Wyoming Street (the main road that runs through the Old Sawmill District), Suite 101. Hours currently posted on the website are 4:00 – 9:00 p.m., Tuesdays – Saturdays.

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