New tech center underway in the Old Sawmill District

The Old Sawmill District continues to expand and grow with new buildings.

The new tech center already has one building permit and will begin construction as soon as they have tenants and buyers lined up.

Lesile WetLeslie with the Old Sawmill District said this tech center provides enough space for professionals in the tech community.

“We have a lot of technology companies coming into Missoula, and they’re looking for large areas where they can put a lot of employees all in one area.”

The tech center will be across from Cambium Place, which is a mixed-use building with both commercial and residential options.

Wetherbee said the tech center will have around 180,000-200,000 square feet of commercial space.

The layout of the building could change depending on tenant needs.

“We are in the planning stages on the other building, so this is something that, as these new companies are planning for their future, we can work with them,” said Lesile Wetherbee, Broker with Old Sawmill District Development, LLC.

She said the tech center workers could also live in the district, too.

“It’s in a neighborhood where we’re an urban development here and so it’s the whole live, work, play philosophy,” Wetherbee said.

Wetherbee said they could break ground on the tech center as early as this fall or next spring.

Article courtesy of ABC Montana