Sawmill District unveils plans for tech and innovation campus; room for 1,000 workers


With Missoula’s tech scene heating up, the Old Sawmill District and its team of developers unveiled their plans for a tech and innovation campus, one large enough to support more than 1,000 workers when fully built.

Project developer Ed Wetherbee said the campus will include 1G data and underground parking, and serve as a showpiece for one of Missoula’s fastest growing industries.

“There’s a great need for companies to co-locate, and for companies to feel like they’re in a great work environment that not only is great for efficiency and effectiveness, but is also great to recruit and retain employees,” Wetherbee said on Wednesday.

The first structure for the campus is permitted and ready for construction, which will occur with the acquisition of a tenant. When fully built, Wetherbee said, the campus will offer up to 200,000 square feet of commercial space.

It will also serve as a showpiece for Missoula’s burgeoning tech industry, and could play a role in recruiting top talent to the city.

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