Police Meet Public at Old Sawmill District Coffee Shop

espresso pour
Espresso at Dog & Bicycle Bakery Cafe during Coffee with a Cop meeting


Thursday morning a dozen police officers gathered in Old Sawmill District at Dog and Bicycle Bakery Cafe to meet the public. The Missoula Police Department started the Coffee with a Cop program earlier this year to get to “create an informal place for the public to meet members of the police force and have any questions answer”.

Linnea Stanhope, who is a project manager for Old Sawmill District, invited the department to hold one of their meetings at the coffee shop in the neighborhood.

Old Sawmill District is a new neighborhood that is growing, with new people to the area. The neighborhood is getting busier and busier, and the presence and transparency of the local police force is always reassuring to residents.


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By Tommy Martino / Missoulian