About Cori

Manager at Brio Fitness
Montanan or Transplant?


You’ll find her:

Hiking any and all of the beautiful trails surrounding Missoula with the best dog ever born, Stella Beans

Dream vacation:

Any place warm and sunny where I can sit back, read a book, and listen to water (river, lake, ocean – doesn’t matter)……and also get a daily massage!

Pearl of Wisdom:

Taken from one of my favorite quotes and something I try to practice daily:Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be Kind.  Always.”

Favorite thing about OSD:

So far, it’s the people.  I have felt comfortable, welcome, supported, and a part of the team from my first day on the job. The comradery and beverages at happy hour gatherings are a close 2nd!


Contact Cori: [email protected]